As a child Senthil was drawn towards art and took part in, as well as won, many competitions in school. He had a passion for art and enrolled in one of India’s oldest art schools – The Government College of Arts and Crafts based in Chennai - where he studied visual communications in 1989. During the course he was one of

Date: 03/01/2018

Time: 05:03 PM

Thank you for these wonderful photographs. I am so proud of you.. wish you and your family a wonderful New Year !! The children are amazing .... “slightly shy and yet strong”!... just like you my dear!

- Sudhir Ramchandran  (My Beloved Mentor)

H S Doreswamy

When I was in class 5, I read a book “My Early Life” by Mahatma Gandhi and I was fascinated by it. I did not understand it then but much later understood its significance. ‘Harijaan,’ a weekly tabloid run by Mahatma Gandhiji carried news and his views which evoked the sense of freedom. I used to attend public gatherings

Meghna and Girish

As a child, Akshay’s confidence was inspiring. He was three years old, when he wanted to be a fighter pilot like his papa. In Class 6, when his teacher commented ‘how skirts were only becoming shorter’, he fearlessly got up and said such comments were inappropriate. After Class 10, post a trip to US, he told me ‘‘Ma,

Rashmi Rao aka RJ Rapid Rashmi

I was only a year old, when my maternal family said to give me to an orphanage. My mother had married someone outside the community and had just gotten separated. She was 22 at the time and had her entire life in front of her. But she stood by me.

As a child, I used to love singing, stage and performances. At the age of six, I began training

I was born in 1993 into a house with one room and a kitchen, and no electricity. My dad used to work as a welder and my mother in the fields. Between them, they would get a little over Rs. 200 a day. My father was an alcoholic who would come home and beat his three kids and his wife.

As a child, I would walk thirteen kilometres to the school.

Captain Naveen Anaberu

In May 1999, Indian Armed Forces were suddenly called to the Line of Control(LoC). The Indian Army had launched Operation Vijay. I was a part of 13 Battalion -Jammu and Kashmir Rifles team and was twenty five years old when I was inducted into the battle field. My team Charlie and another, Delta, were chosen to regain hillock Point 4785 which was

Salma Shafeeq Ghori

I was 19, when I got married to Captain Shafeeq Ghori in 1991. It was difficult in the beginning to accept the fact that he was constantly on the move and had to leave me alone for long periods, but he sat me down and explained what it was like to be an army wife. There were no mobile phones back then. I used to spend hours by the phone unsure when

I was born in Karkala near Mangalore in pre-independence India. My dad was a lawyer and he always told us six siblings that he’d give us enough education, but will not leave any property, which made us aware that we should find a profession for our earnings. I was a shy yet mischievous kid. When I was 17, I fell

Usha Rai

Growing up in Udupi, my house was filled with pre-independence stories. I got married soon after my graduation. As per the Bunt tradition, my father had given dowry but then I convinced my husband to return it. I used to be very timid and shy but the bank job changed my life. I became self reliant, confident and independent. After 25 years of service,

Saalumarada Thimmakka

Growing up in gubbi village, my childhood was a struggle. At the age of five, I started helping my mother in household chores and later juggled as a coolie, quarry labourer and a farmer. I was the second born of the six children and it used to be a everyday struggle to get a meal. I never went to school. At 20, I got married and moved to Hulikal.

The Crocodile SS16

The shoot was not without disasters. For instance, the crew panicked when it discovered that our resort, Destiny, didn’t serve alcohol. The non-vegetarians panicked when they discovered that there weren’t chicken sandwiches at the location. Rains washed away half a day of shoot. A Range Rover driving us nearly broke down. 

Vodafone Red

Shot in Pedraza, Spain a medieval village built in the thirteenth century.

This surreal campaign was the idea created by stark communication. The images were put together by Aaron foster a pro at his work. The Dream Deals campaign won the Gold at the Maddys 2015.


The above shots are my personal work and were taken late at night around my farm house in Hosur.

Models:  Marija Milanovic  |  Ljiljana Lilly  |  Anya Danylenko

Make up:  Billy Bow

Styling:  Anil Hosmani

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